Lexicography of PLib
Industrial Automation Systems and Integration
ISO 13584 - 42 (Dictionary for Logical classification)

The difference between using or not using the Logical classification for database.
(note: The Logical classification by property will be Ontology.)
To used
Format emphasisItems emphasis on meaning
Reference function is system dependent
Reference information can be configured
for reference function
Considered consent by the order of the form
Use semantic information registered
in the dictionary
Instance Data can not have meaning inter
-pretation function.
Give behaviors by comparing Instance Data
with pre-registered semantic information.
The meaning and the concept of the term is
Identification for each system
Since the meanings and concepts of the terms
are identified by the dictionary, it is possible to
prevent fluctuation of the meaning
Since it is difficult to handle multiple languages,
a translation function is required separately
It can register in the dictionary more than once
in multiple languages, It is possible to respond
according to each.
For data exchange between databases,
it is necessary to reconstruct the data structure.
By cross-referencing the dictionary data items,
it is unnecessary to reconstruct the existing data
When adding new items to the database, it is ne
-cessary to rebuild the database.

Items can be freely added to classified in advance.
For new classifications, it is possible to construct
it as a new dictionary on the basis of the previous
dictionary, and cope with it by multiple reading of
the dictionary.
The database can be rebuilt.

Database using dictionary can not be redefined.
For example, even discontinued information can
-not be deleted. (discontinued product)
For similar product search of other company's
products, it is necessary to repeat the same
search for each product catalog database.
Data of the items of the product catalog instructed
from the dictionary information can be extracted from
the associated database group (horizontal search)
The stored information does not have genealogy
information such as item, class, parentage relationship.
Genealogy information is added by dictionary informa
-tion. Therefore, classification search becomes possible.
(Similarity search to other company products)

ISO 13584-42

Abstract of Plib Dictionary
Absolute ID:Dictionary connection method (Writing in)
PLib dictionarys Example(P21file)
note : Physical data of product ontology dictionary
Other notes :
Note1: PLib dictionary is what industry groups to edit.
Note2: Must inherit the IEC 61360.( Absolute ID )
Note3: P21file is compulsory to exchange PLib dictionary.
Note4: Can use XML to exchange the item and Data.
Note5: Elements necessary for the conversion table can be extracted from the HTML-PLib file.
Note6: ...
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